Exploring Hidden Histories: Sharing Online & Social Media

The moment of truth: when you share your creative masterpiece with the world. There are a wide range of web fora through which you can share what you have produced - use as many as possible to get it shared as widely as possible, and who knows - perhaps your story might 'go viral'!

Top Tips for Sharing

  • Atttract the audience with an informative / interesting title, description and main image before you share your piece - as these will be the things that are displayed when you share, so need to prick their interest so they read your content!   
  • Invest time in adding search tags (eg #RememberingforPeace, #WomenWarPeace), keywords (eg #Peace, #Heritage) and handles (eg @WalesforPeace, @CymrudrosHeddwch, @WCIA_Wales) so that people can find your piece, and relevant organisations are notified so they can see / share / promote it. 
  • Be mindful of copyright: your product shoud be your own original material, or you should have permissions to share footage such as interviews or archive material (eg Youtube guidelines). When you share your product on social media, for maximum sharing you should select 'Creative Commons' (this means you 'license' anyone to share or use your product). Note your personal copyright usually passes to the publisher.
  • Don't forget to start by sharing it first with your own friends and social media contacts, and ask them to promote it.


WCIA Voices Blog

Share your Hidden History on our official Wales for Peace blog! If you have written an article or have an idea for one, follow the linked guidelines and send us your piece.


Peace Map of Wales

From WW1 Soldiers Stories to Peacebuilders Today, all the stories, multimedia, opinions and ideas come together on WCIA's Peace Map of Wales. Make your mark so others can see!



Flickr & Instagram (Photo)

Flickr & Instagram are the leading photo management and sharing applications, enabling open sharing of high quality / resolution images and organisation into albums and groups.

Intro & How to use Flickr     Getting Most out of Flickr         Wales for Peace Flickr 

Youtube and Vimeo (Video)

YouTube and Vimeo are the leading video hosting websites, which allow users to upload, view, share, add to favorites, comment and subscribe to other users. You can also convert video to editable formats.

Wales for Peace Youtube      Uploading Video    Video Converter     Live Streaming

Soundcloud and Podcasting

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform  that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created audio recordings, podcasts and music.

Wales for Peace Soundcloud    Soundcloud Guidance & Podcasting     Other Podcasts

File stores / transfers (documents & large files)

You may have large documents that you need to link to your article, but are too large a file to upload to attach on normal social media.

Dropbox     WeTransfer     Sync



Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows users to create profiles, share / 'like' photos, video and articles, create & manage events, send messages and promote / advertise.

WfP Facebook     Facebook Guidance


Twitter is a free social networking 'microblogging' service that allows members to broadcast short posts (called tweets). Through using tags, user handles and keywords, these can be seen and shared widely.

Wales for Peace Twitter     Twitter Guidance


Wikipedia is a free online reference encyclopedia, written collaboratively by people who use it. Many people are constantly improving Wikipedia - and you can become a contributor, or add content to articles.

Contributor Guidelines      National Library of Wales - Wikipedia Programme & Training

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia is a file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone in their own language.

Intro to Wikimedia Commons    How to Use 
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