'Wales for Peace' Branding and Assets

Using the Branding - Guidelines

For partners and groups needing to use Wales for Peace branding for materials, local events or activities promotion, please refer to our Branding Guidelines for guidance on how to use the logo, and for fonts / design and colour palettes that integrate alongside our existing displays and materials. 

Download branding assets on Dropbox (including WfP Exhibition branding)

Download WfP images from Flickr

Download WfP heritage images / documents on Peoples Collection Wales 

'Wales for Peace' Logo


A modern poppy icon which fuses two icons associated with 'remembering for peace':

  • The White Poppy – symbol of Peace
  • The Red Poppy – symbol of Remembrance, in particular WW1

This modern interpretation by Dan Mann from Welshpool, uses circular symmetry consistent with other WCIA brands, and brush / paint strokes to represent creativity, dynamism, energy: a ‘stencil’ or template for community action.

Peace ‘eclipses’ War (white over red) – acknowledging generations who dedicated their lives, in different ways, towards achieving peace today & future. The 2 poppies have traditionally symbolised opposing world views - militarism and pacifism - and their fusion represents how opposing views must communicate, understand each other and work together to achieve peace. This icon brings the white and red poppy together - symbolising dialogue, debate, mutual respect. From Wales’ peace heritage… a forward-looking Wales of peace.

Download the Wales for Peace logo




Supporting Branding


Poppy Icon (PNG)

Grey JPEG; JPEG; Watermark
Red White Solid PNG JPEG; PNG


Download the WCIA logo

Pink jpeg Pink BMP Pink Transparent PNG
Black jpeg Pink letters-only White Tansparent PNG

Download the Heritage Lottery Fund logo

Please visit HLF's logos and acknowledgement page.

Exhibition / Peace Histories Branding


The 'peace rainbow', reflecting the 7 project themes, has been developed for the exhibition tour, hidden histories and publications. Various adaptations of this include the exhibition assets developed by Cheeky Monkey in Penarth, and the 'Peace Tree' motif, developed by Graphic Communication student George Hancock as part of the Spring 2018 'Persuasions' project design challenge in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Art & Design.

Download branding assets on Dropbox (including WfP Exhibition branding)

Download 2018 Branding Guidelines 

Download WfP images from Flickr

Download WfP heritage images / documents on Peoples Collection Wales 

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