Wise and Foolish Dreamers

Wise and Foolish Dreamers was a major WCIA project from 2007 to 2011, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which looked at Welsh participation in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and its relevance to people in Wales today.

The project featured a major touring exhibition, launched in May 2007 and still available for hire. So far, the exhibition has visited over 20 locations throughout Wales, with over 87 accompanying workshops engaging over 2,500 pupils and 300 adults.

School pupils who attended the exhibition engaged in thoughtful discussion on related issues such as governance, the role of war, the nature of the heroic, the value and nature of history, and our relationship with other people and other parts of the world. Posters, workbooks and DVDs were provided to teachers, so that they could continue developing these themes in school.

The WCIA has since added to these resources by producing a comprehensive Education Pack, complete with teachers’ notes, lesson plans and student handling cards, which allow the learning to progress independent of the exhibition tour.

Click here for full details of our Wise and Foolish Dreamers resources.

The WCIA’s links to Welsh involvement in the Spanish Civil War go back to the 1980s. Following liaison with International Brigade veterans from Wales, we received a financial legacy to help maintain links between young people in Wales and Spain. Since 1989, our small fund has carried out this purpose in a number of ways, including volunteer exchange projects, theatre productions, essay competitions and publications.

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